A night in bed without a CD like this isn’t good for your sleep …you better be prepared!
Finest tracks to doze off:

1. Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
I actually cried at this song as I listened to it the first time…!
really dramatic… 😦

2. Karate – With Age
A really catch tune…!
Get the lyric and sing-a-long!!

3. Kings of Leon – Talihina Sky
Great, Disturbed Voice… I ❤ it!

4. Fatboy Slim – Praise You
With loooOoOooOooOOooOoooOooOong delaying lyrics
and a dulcet sounding voice, THE track to relax!

5. The Blow – True Affection (crappy music video 😦 )
*clicking fingers* there is no other way but to click your fingers in beat!

6. Cold War Kids – Hospital Bleeds
Pretty neat track, got some good vocals… dirty voice…!

7. Death Cab for Cutie – Summer Skin
How could you NOT love this song?! Masterpiece!

8. Gang Starr – Just to get a Rep
Maybe I just bring a little color in this post by adding some Rap…!

9. Get This! – Comes Love
Candy for the ear!

10. I am Kloot – Proof
What’s much to say about “I am Kloot”?
One of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard…!!!
Lyrics fully loaded with emotions…

11. Toots & Maytals – 5446 was My Number
Studio version has a slower beat! But great song!!

12. Jack Johnson – Traffic in the Sky
Really nice vocals…! Catching Tune!

13. Postal Service – Suddenly Everything has Changed
What more can I say than: “Ben Gibbard”…??!

14. Cake – Commissioning a Symphony in C (Imogen Heap – Goodnight & Go
“skipping beats, flashing jeeps” lovely tune!!

16. Nirvana – Lake of Fire
to beautiful to not mention it

That’s all for now =)) Stay tuneeeed



as the pirate says!

I’m just going to hit you
with the finest music ever possible to enjoy!
Pretty unlikely that you know those bands,
they aren’t known that much (especially in Germany) although they kick ass!!

So next off we’re going to start with some Rock, Pop… “Director”
(I rather would rate them as “Indie”music than Pop)

They’re from Ireland, Dublin and making good music!!

Director – Reconnect


Director’s Myspace Site:

click me (you got to listen to “Last Time”)

Next off I’ve got some good Indietronica for you =))))
The more common known band “Postal Service” makes some insane stuff too!
(I love Ben Gibbards Vocals ans Lyrics)

Postal Service – Such Great Heights


Postal Service’s Myspace Site

click me

But how could I forget “Long Beach Dub Allstars” ,
they’ll sure make you smileeeee =)))!!
You need a tune to chill and you just want to lay down for a minute or two?!
Take a deep breath and listen to this…
(It’s like an “against the odds” reagge & dub mix):

Long Beach Dub Allstars – Trailer Ras


Long Beach Dub Allstars’s Myspace Link

click me

That’s all for noooow!
Hope you like my first Blog Entry :))

Ohhh and happy 420 belatedly 😛 😀
Hope you had a good smoke!